Branding & Corporate Identity

Branding & Corporate Identity

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We believe that branding is not marketing. Branding is more about business design and the creation of a platform from which marketing can do its work. Branding sets the stage for being meaningful, exclusive, relevant and memorable. It's about having a unique story or purpose that unifies those that matter most—your clients, your staff and you.


Things have changed for your business over the years and it's time to re-evaluate your brand to make sure that it's clearly reflecting the grand vision. Many of the established companies are looking to refresh their identity in order to increase their relevance to their stakeholders. This in turn leads to a great sense of pride for the brand both inside and outside of the company. Probably one of the most significant outcomes of our branding process is the clarity and focus that it generates for your leadership team. It has a rejuvenating effect on the entire company—a renewed sense of purpose that goes deeper than some cheap marketing gimmick or incentive ever could.

Branding & Re-Branding Services:

  • Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Market Research
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Voice & Messaging
  • Tagline Developmentg
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Internal & External Analysis
  • Internal Communications
  • Custom designing